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Lola’s is The Key to relaxation and rest after a long day. The place where you want to be among family, people who share your ideas, mindsets, outlooks, and views.


Be part of the intricate and delicate community today. Mingle with the best, Rest with the relaxed, and spend time making connections and befriending others for tomorrow


We use professional developers to handle all of our website needs. We recognize talent and need for talent. We only want the best for our customers so we keep things maintained.


We accept all forms of payment. Everything from online PayPal transactions, to online credit cards, to on-site cash or card, any way prefer to pay, we’ve got you covered.


We spend the time to make sure that if we’re going to do something, we do it right. From our commercials, to our customer care, to our lounge areas, we only look towards the top, and do not strive for second best.


We treat each customer like they’re at an individual club. At our location, each person has their own lounge seat, or couch, as well as provided TV and nearby food if needed. We strive to make our customers happy and keep them comfortable, as to keep them with us.


At Lola, we make sure each customer & member both leaves satisfied & stays satisfied. We pride ourselves on quality, discipline, and consistency.


We strive for prime locations and to always improve. We’re constantly scouting new locations for club expansion, as well as maintaining the current ones. When entering, you’re welcomed with a sense of friendship & family, creating a hospitable & comfortable environment for you to lounge in.


Our customers trust us with their information. We keep and protect all of our customers financial information given to us at any time or point. Above all, Lola helps it’s customers. We don’t give out your information.


Family. At Lola each person is treated and welcomed individually to give that sense of satisfaction. That way, each person can recognize that they’re not only part of a second family, but a valued member in an exclusive club as well.


Even with the exclusivity of the Lola Brand, we accept people of all types. We welcome people regardless of past, present, future, background, or view. So long as they adhere to the other members here, they’re welcome at Lola.